Can You Build A Warp Drive (In A Garage)?


Looking for something exciting to do with the family before the new year? Need to impress the in-laws? Why not try your hand at building a warp drive? David Pares is doing just that, he is building a warp drive, in his garage. Using parts from Radio Shack and Home Depot. Can he actually build a warp drive? Could an Alcubierre drive be physically possible? What the heck is a warp drive?


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One thought on “Can You Build A Warp Drive (In A Garage)?

  1. This Is An Open Letter…

    Adjunct Professor  David Pares:

    You have been claiming in the media that you have, are working on, developing, and demonstrating the first and only warp drive. I am notifying you that nothing could be further from the truth. The first technology applicable to warp drive was invented by me in 2000 and there is a looming history of documentation on this that precedes 2012 by more than a decade where you claim on your web site that you had the first successful experiment. This fact is substantiated by multiple recordings from my appearances on 610 WTVN radio’s Sterling The Show with No Name between December of 2001 to March of 2002, the March 18th 2002 issue of the Circleville Herald, and many other articles since, some of which are linked from the official launch page of the upcoming documentary that establishes the primacy and technical superiority of my research and more, STDTS:The World’s First Warp Drive (see warp )

    Examples of what I am citing as baseless claims appear in the following articles:

    “Make It So: Nebraska Man Developing First Warp Drive In His Garage”

    The title is a false statement.

    “Guy Builds warp Drive”

    “In Omaha, Neb.—a mere 263 miles from the (future) birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk—a dedicated Star Trek fan and adjunct science professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is attempting to build what no one has built before: a working warp drive.”

    Again, you have no fully developed propulsion system. I was demonstrating one first in 2001.

    In a video embedded in that same article you claim that you’ll be able to demonstrate your “warp driive” lifting an object off the ground in 6 months. You’ve yet to do any such thing – some 2 years later!

    “Man Develops A Warp Drive In His Garage”

    “Omaha resident David Pares has built what he believes to be the world’s first low-power warp drive motor”

    Again – you have no complete warp drive, let alone the “first one”. 

    “This Guy Is Building A Warp Drive In His Garage”

    “Despite a lack of any funding or academic help of any kind, Pares spends a couple of hours every day working on the world’s first warp drive.”

    Again, you don’t have the first warp drive. I do.

    Before you try to say that the examples I gave were just the media’s wording, I present the description of a presentation of yours, September 19, 2015 at the University of Nebraska Omaha (see ) where it describes you giving “the first public display of a functional Warp Drive Engine”. Really? If you have an engine, it should propel something. Ever done that? And the first public showing of one was mine with the interns of of Sterling’s 610 WTVN radio show, live on air in December of 2001, followed by my demonstration for Mike Pratt of the Circleville Herald in March of 2002 – 13 years before your little event. Again, accelerating full size cars that we all were riding in – something far beyond the scope of your current capabilities.

    If it was just the media’s wording, why do you have it in the description of this official university event? You are responsible for how people view what you’re doing, and I’m holding you responsible for it.

    All you had to do is do a search for other warp drive research and you would’ve discovered that you were not the first – again my presence online predates yours, especially from an explosion of online press in 2009 in connection with the first J.J. Abrahams directed Star Trek film, but either you didn’t do that or you ignored it. I’m making sure you can’t ignore it anymore. 

    Furthermore, on every level, save for the hype, your project is pure amateur hour compared with mine:

    1. Your research has not been allowed for science conference presentation. Mine has at multiple conferences

    2. You’re not published, I am.

    3. Your results so far have been small scale – I began accelerating full sized cars first, and have recorded positive results in pendulum tests, incline tests, torsion tests and  two different types of gravity drops,   I don’t use the word, “micro” to describe any of the experiments that I’ve conducted. 

    4. You’ve used the Bermuda Triangle and UFOs as the scientific basis for your work – I’ve established that mine is a verification of Einstein’s unfinished Unified Field Theory and an exhibition of Soviet space scientist N. A. Kozyrev’s 1967 model for warp drive. 

    5. You’ve received no significant funding or investment, and even your Indiegogo campaign was a failure – I am working a fully developed business model with no need for NASA funding or involvement. Now, I’m ready to start the first ever, warp drive space program, beginning with probes. My first test off world could be as soon as 2018 which will be followed by the establishment of a larger space probe projects. We have more events planned before that. 

    Finally, you told me yourself, when I called you by phone late last summer, just to see how far along you were, that you don’t have the ability yet to put the power supply for your “warp motor” on your model craft yet. This reveals a major gap in your knowledge of this field of research which I could help you out with, but I’m not. In fact, I dare say I know more about the physics of what you’re playing around with than you do but I’m also a businessman and I don’t help the competition unless it’s worth my while and there is absolutely nothing you could offer me to get me involved with your project. Someone, who knows about you already, contacted me to that effect and I told them I have no interest due to fact that I’m already light years ahead of you, with a much better system, demonstrable, large scale experiments, a solid reputation, business plan and now, the way forward for my own space program, comparable to the activities of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Going backwards, makes no sense. 

    In closing, I don’t care if you want to claim that you are working on a warp drive, but any further claims on your part that you have the *only* one or the *first*, will not be tolerated any further. This is not an unreasonable demand and I have supplied you with ample evidence to support it. It’s simple – I was doing bigger things in this field than you have yet so far, years before you even began to try. Deal with it. 

    This is your first and last warning. If you persist in the baseless claims that I’ve described to you, then that’ll just prove you’re a liar as well, and just how baseless those claims are, and what that says about your character, your knowledge in this field and the chances of your potential success, will be painfully made known to the world for the rest of your life and beyond.

    Do not test me. You’ll lose. Bad. That I promise and I am ready to deliver on it.

    With All Due Intentions Enforce, I am

    Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

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