Science Pub Returns This Fall


Science Pub returns this fall from the comfort of your home, please join us for these exciting virtual experiences.

The Science of Sex: Beyond Binary
Exploring Gender Through an Anthropological Lens
Speaker: Aviva Friedman

Biological sex is often thought of as a binary: male/female. Though many of us realize that gender identity can be quite expansive, we sometimes get lost in the weeds of what’s “based in biology.” This talk will explore the biological components that make up physical sex and examine how they relate to gender identity across cultures.

Aviva Friedman is Community Educator at Family Planning of South Central New York. She studied socio-cultural anthropology at Binghamton University, has been an educator at FamPlan for four years, and loves to educate the community about sex and gender through an anthropological viewpoint.This event was recorded on September 15, 2020 


“Age of Nature” Screening & Conversation
Leading Scientists Discuss the Health of Our Planet
Oct 13 at 7pm

Hear from conservationists around the world who are discovering innovative ways we can help restore our planet. This documentary series explores whether a newfound awareness of nature could bring about a new chapter in the human story.

Speakers: Elaine Spacher
                   Ben Mertus
Educators from Waterman Conservation Education Center

Elaine has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from SUNY Brockport (Brockport, NY) and a Master’s degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA). Elaine’s studies in college focused on ecology, animal behavior and ornithology, and more  specifically, cavity and colonial nesting bird species. Elaine has been interested in environmental issues for over 3 decades. She has worked at several nature centers and museums including Genesee Country Museum’s Nature Center in Mumford, NY and the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia. Elaine has been on the Board at Spencer Crest Nature Center in Corning, NY and is currently a Board member of the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce. Elaine has been the Executive Director at Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum in Elmira for the past 17 years.

Ben Mertus is a PhD student in the anthropology department at The Ohio State University. His research seeks to understand pathways of responsible human co-existence with nonhuman beings in this new epoch that many are calling “the Anthropocene”. He is particularly interested in ecotourism as a driver of environmental sustainability and cultural continuation in postcolonial First Nations communities in Canada.  

The Skin You’re In
Better Understanding the Body’s Largest Organ
Guy German, PhD
Nov 10 at 7pm

Dr. German is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Binghamton University. His research focuses on understanding “soft matter” for use in biomedical applications. His team studies the many ways our skin protects us from the elements while allowing essential compounds in. From aging to sun exposure to excessive cleansing (think today’s busy healthcare worker), keeping skin healthy is a delicate balance.

How Brain Stimulation Boosts Healing
From Ancient Nile Catfish to Today’s High-Tech Implants
Carrie Peterson, PhD
Dec 8 at 7pm

This talk will explore the evolving science of brain stimulation –– from the use of ancient eels and catfish to treat pain to the high-tech implants being tested in spinal cord injury patients. Hear what Dr. Peterson’s lab is working on and what the future of rehabilitation and healing may hold.

Dr. Peterson is director of the Rehabilitation Engineering to Advance Ability Laboratory (REALab) at Virginia Commonwealth University. With expertise in musculoskeletal biomechanics and neurorehabilitation, she oversees research designed to help patients with post-stroke hemiparesis and spinal cord injury.