Tilgham Tales: Building Boats, Lives & Memories on the Chesapeake Bay


Photo circa 1948: Oyster Tonger (A. Aubrey Bodine/Baltimore Sun) 

Tilgham Tales: Building Boats, Lives and Memories airs on WSKG TV at 8pm on June 8, 2016.

Tilghman Island may be a long way from the rest of the world, but its remarkable residents, past and present, have forged a history and legacy that reaches far beyond its shores. Independent, innovative, and idiosyncratic, they fuse intuition, experience, and sheer determination to achieve whatever they set out to accomplish. Whether in building race winning log canoes, or overcoming taboos about women working on the water, their can-do attitude never wavers. Tilghman Tales shares the stories of a few of the island’s notables recounted by colorful storytellers, local experts, self-taught historians, innovative boat builders, “jacks-of-all-trades,” self-reliant women, and indefatigable octogenarians. Through them we meet several generations of legendary Tilghman boat builders and some intrepid women who love the water and the waterman’s life as fiercely as the men.

An Aubrey Bodine photograph from the Baltimore Sun, circa 1950:  watermen holding oyster tongs in front of the Lee House, one of Tilghmans distinctive W houses now the home of the Tilghman Watermen’s Museum.

WSKG Science sat down with the Directors of Tilgham Tales, Peter Carroll and Jennifer Shea. Peter Carroll is an Ithaca based filmmaker and Jennifer, previously of Ithaca, now resides between Washington, DC and Tilgham Island.


Special thank you to the Ithaca Yacht Club for providing filming location.