Senator Gillibrand Calls Immigration Policy “Inhumane And Immoral”


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – No policy should be built on the backs and hearts of children. That was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s response to the immigration policies running under the Trump administration.

Gillibrand says the practices currently being used on the southern border are inhumane and immoral, and not how America works.

“We have the Statue of Liberty standing in our state. It is in New York Harbor. And that statue says we will take all those who are poor, hungry, destitute, who need our protection.”

Gillibrand says this is not law, its policy, and that what’s being done on the southern border is putting children at risk with the trauma that is created due to separation.

The senator was very passionate speaking on the subject, citing specific examples of children being taken from their parents.

She says this is different from people being arrested and separated from children; this is happening to asylum seekers which is legal.