American Graduate Champion | Joe Renton

Joe Renton is recognized as a local American Graduate Champion! For nearly twenty years he and wife Barbara have provided informal music lessons to students in upstate New York. Mr. Renton volunteered with local high school bands on a daily basis providing instruction and mentorship to hundreds of students. Additionally, the Rentons sponsored music lessons and trips to the Binghamton Philharmonic for students to help cultivate a culture of music in the community. “Many activities come and go over time, but your knowledge of music is a lifelong gift that will open many doors for you.

American Graduate Day | LIVE

Tune in to PBS on Saturday, October 3rd from 11:00am-6pm ET for the fourth annual American Graduate Day, broadcast live from Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center.  Watch the program live online or on WSKG TV (which will feature local highlights!).
American Graduate Day is a full-day multi-platform event live featuring local and national programming, community partners, and celebrities, to celebrate the exceptional work of the individuals and groups whose ongoing efforts and daily heroics help youth stay on track to earn high school diplomas. @Amerigrad | #AmGrad | @WSKG | #UpstateGrad

American Graduate Champions | Dropout Prevention Educators

Everyday, classroom teachers have the opportunity to support and motive students to do their best and stay in school. Some local teachers are simply stellar at this. We call them caring, consistent adults and they are our local American Graduate Champions!

Who’s the champion in your life? Follow the American Graduate movement!

American Graduate Day | Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, country music legend and founder of Imagination Library, is an American Graduate Champion!  Catch stories of education inspiration this Saturday, October 3rd on WSKG TV during American Graduate Day 2015.  This multi-broadcast event takes place from 11am-6pm.  You can also follow online using hashtags #AmGrad and #UpstateGrad.

American Graduate Week | WORLD Channel

From September 27th to October 2nd, WORLD Channel presents a week of documentaries that focus on the continuing challenges facing students, parents, teachers and administrators ‘outside’ of the 90%. Anchoring American Graduate on WORLD is an all-new Local, USA (Stories from the Classroom), If You Build It from WORLD’s original docu-series America ReFramed, and additional series Central Standard and Dropping Back In as well as eight other provocative programs.  
Here’s the local lineup which you can watch on WSKG’s World Channel/46.2:
M 9/28 | Local, USA | 6pm and 9pm
M 9/28 | The Graduates/Los Graduados | 7pm and 8pm

T 9/29 | The Graduate/Los Graduados | 2pm and 3pm
T 9/29 | Local, USA | 4pm
T 9/29 | Go Public: A Day in the Life of An American School District | 6:30pm

W 9/30 | Go Public: A Day in the Life of An American School District | 3:30pm
W 9/30 | Central Standard: On Education | 6:00pm and 6:30pm
W 9/30 | 180 Days: Hartsville | 8pm
W 9/30 | Schools That Change Communities | 9pm

Th 10/1 | 180 Days: Hartsville | 2pm and 3pm
Th 10/1 | Schools That Change Communities | 4pm
Th 10/1 | Central Standard: On Education | 6pm
Th 10/1 | 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School | 7pm
Th 10/1 | Our Time is Now | 9pm

Fr 10/2 | Local, USA | 11am
F 10/2 | 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School | 2pm
F 10/2 | Our Time is Now | 4pm
F 10/2 | Central Standard: On Education | 6pm
F 10/2 | Dropping Back In: Second Chances | 6:30pm
F 10/2 | 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School | 7pm
F 10/2 | Facing Forward: A Student’s Story | 9pm

Inspired by the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative and supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).   

Early Learning and the Bottom Line | TV Special

On August 18th, community members gathered for ‘Early Learning and the Bottom Line’, a summit held at WSKG Studios. The event addressed the economic impacts and benefits of early childhood education.  What is our community doing to create sustainable solutions that support families?  How can we strengthen our region by preparing children for success in education and career?  Special guests included keynote speaker Jenn O’Connor, New York State Director of ReadyNation and opening remarks were offered by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.

Binghamton High School | American Graduate

During fall/winter 2014, Binghamton High School Grade 10 students explored the dropout crisis in the United States.  They learned about graduation rates in their own school. These audio reports are the students’ reflections on topics such as who or what motives them to come to school, how graduation is perceived in their school, or why they feel a high school diploma will help their future.  
Listen to the students below!  

“Coming to school every day is the first step in going to college.

Celebrate Education Champions with American Graduate

An American Graduate Champion commits their time, skills, and resources to make sure that young people succeed in school. These individuals, groups, or organizations play an active role in improving educational outcomes for students. WSKG celebrates the champions in our community! The champions featured below were nominated by community members or honored by students from EverTech Academy at Broome Tioga BOCES.  





What is American Graduate?

The WSKG American Graduate Project, funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is an initiative to raise awareness about the dropout crisis in our community by engaging a wide range of stakeholders in a dialogue and by mobilizing the community through a multimedia campaign to share resources, best practices, and stories of challenge and success. When students are asked if they will graduate from high school, about nine in 10 will answer ‘yes.’ However, statistics show about only seven in 10 students actually finish high school, and that statistic drops further for minority students and English Language Learners. Students have the will to graduate, but they do not always have the necessary support or resources. How can I talk about dropout issues in my classroom?