Small Farmers, Rural Homeowners File Petition, But Re-Zoning Process Continues In Town Of Ulysses


BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) – Residents in the Tompkins County Town of Ulysses do not like some proposed zoning changes, and have filed a protest petition with the town board. However, the process will go forward.

Town of Ulysses

Proposed zoning map for Town of Ulysses, New York

Opponents are most upset about zoning changes that limit how land could be subdivided.  Small farmers and rural homeowners argue they set aside too much land for preservation.

If their petition has enough signatures, then the changes would only becomes law if a supermajority of the town board votes to approve it. Joan Jurkowich is a planning administrator in the Tompkins County Department of Planning and Sustainability.

“So, the petition doesn’t stop anything going forward now.” Jurkowich said, “…they can still hold their public hearing…It’s only when it comes time to adopt that they would need the supermajority.”

A time for the required public hearing has not been set.