Southern Tier Rain Brings Relief To Farmers, Others Seek Shelter From Floods


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Severe rain storms in the Southern Tier and  Pennsylvania this week have caused flooding across the region. The National Weather Service reported over two inches of rain falling in parts Schuyler County in 24 hours.

In Waverly, New York on the Pennsylvania border flooding forced some people into emergency shelters overnight.

Matthew LeRoux  is with Cornell Cooperative Extension in Tompkins County. He said for some farmers the rains came just in time. “They were becoming pretty stressed out when their whole livelihood was on the line during that period of no rain,” Leroux said. “I have checked in since we got all this heavy rain and they’re saying it’s okay, it’s not a problem.”

“They’re not worried. Keep bringing it,” LeRoux added.

LeRoux said livestock farmers had reason to worry, too.“The livestock growers who are trying to graze have been concerned,” he said. “Because we just went almost two weeks with no rain. So, their pastures weren’t regenerating, they weren’t coming back.”

LeRoux says, for now, the rain hasn’t caused serious problems. The National Weather Service says strong thunderstorms to develop across the region on Friday.