Spencer-Van Etten Middle School Students Collect Broken Christmas Lights


Tim Parkinson/Flickr

VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — Spencer-Van Etten Middle School wants your old, broken Christmas lights. They’re collecting them through January 15th.

“We’re hoping people will take down their Christmas trees, and say ‘these are dead, I’m gonna turn them in,'” said Brenda Anderson, Sustainability Coordinator for Spencer-Van Etten Central School District.

The goal is to keep the lights out of a landfill, but the school also plans to reclaim the copper wiring to raise a little money for a local charity. The charity is yet to be determined.

They’re collecting lights that are broken or just otherwise unwanted.

“If you want to switch over to LED and get rid of your older sets which just aren’t energy efficient, you can do that too,” Anderson added.

Unwanted lights can be dropped off at the school through January 15th.