SUNY Cortland Deals With Fallout Caused By COVID-19


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — SUNY and CUNY schools will move toward distance learning and reduce in-person classes to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Distance learning doesn’t necessarily mean moving classes online. It could mean breaking classes into smaller groups or working over the phone.

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

SUNY Cortland is leaving it up to their professors to determine how to conduct their courses.

“This virus is sort of a new situation,” said Fred Pierce, Communications Director at SUNY Cortland. “And although we have a pandemic plan, this is changing so rapidly that every single day, every single hour almost, there’s a new piece of news that you have to adjust to.”

Although the university was already preparing for distance learning, the governor’s announcement is keeping Pierce’s his office busy. He said there are a lot of moving parts and students have a lot of questions.

Primarily, they want to know if SUNY Cortland will close for the rest of the semester. Pierce confirmed the current plan is to keep the campus open but with limited services, and to return to regular classes by April 13th.