Schumer Remarks Draw Rebuke From Chief Justice

Lawyers for the Center for Reproductive Rights and Louisiana faced a hot bench Wednesday in a case critical to abortion rights in the U.S. But the Chief Justice – a key vote – did not tip his hand.

New York Poised To Strengthen Abortion Rights

The New York State legislature is poised to approve a bill to codify the abortion rights in the US Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade into state law. For supporters, including the majority of Senators and Assembly members, it’s been a long time coming. But for opponents , it’s a bitter disappointment.


March For Life Participants Say “Pro-Life” Is More Than Opposing Abortion

New Yorkers are among those in Washington, D.C. who have traveled there to participate in the March For Life, which is held every year on or around the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion. Those attending from New York who identify themselves as “pro-life” say there is much more to that term than the abortion issue and they include that in their message.


Abortion Opponents In PA Push For Action On Two Bills

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — An impassioned group of advocates and lawmakers are pushing for two controversial pieces of legislation that would make it harder for women to access abortion services in Pennsylvania.  On Tuesday morning, the Capitol rotunda was filled with posters proclaiming, “Planned Parenthood harvests baby parts,” and “abortion stops a beating heart,” as well as a few of President Donald Trump’s campaign signs. Several times, the crowd prayed together. The loose coalition is backing two bills: one would institute a stacked funding structure that de-prioritizes Planned Parenthood clinics, which provide abortions. Sponsors say that would defund the service. The other would narrow the window for abortion from 24 to 20 weeks, and outlaw the most commonly-used abortion procedure, which is medically called dilation-and-extraction.