'Being Poor: Too Old to Work'

The Connect: NY series explores statewide issues of critical importance with monthly, one-hour panel discussions. This episode, ‘Being Poor: Too Old to Work’, explores how as baby boomers age and the gap between rich and poor widens, the number of seniors living in poverty is on the rise. Housing costs are so high that today’s seniors are going to dangerous lengths to save money. Cutting prescription pills in half, living without heat, amongst others. Meet a Central New York senior too old to work and completely dependent on a frayed social safety net. Panelists joining the show:

Patricia Campany, RSVP Project Coordinator, Catholic Charities Elderly Services
Randall Hoak, Associate State Director, AARP, Central and Western New York
Maria Alvarez, Executive Director, NY Statewide Senior Action Council, Inc.
Mason Kaufman, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Syracuse

Watch this new episode on Monday, February 13, 2017 at 9:00pm. 
Join us as we uncover compelling and unexpected stories throughout New York State and the history and systemic forces influencing current realities.