Know Theatre Presents 'An Evening with Edward Allan Baker'

Know Theatre is presenting three one-act plays by Edward Allan Baker. ‘Dolores’ and ‘Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth’ are intense studies of modern issues, while ‘Mafia on Prozac’ is a dark comedy. Director Tim Gleason tells about meeting the playwright, and how this triple bill came to be.

A Drama Examines an Artist's Definition Of Success

Know Theatre presents Donald Margulies’ play ‘Sight Unseen’.  Jeff Tagliaferro plays an artist so successful that collectors pay up front for paintings he has yet to begin. But he feels that the well of inspiration is running dry, so he visits the former girlfriend (Amoreena Wade) who was his Muse when he started becoming famous.  She is married now to a stable, but unexciting husband (Tim Gleason) and the battle lines are set.


Photo credit: Know Theatre