Annual Report to the Community 2016

Through the efforts of many community partners, the hard work of dozens of volunteers, the generosity of supporters, and the tireless dedication of staff, 2016 was a banner year for WSKG. WSKG was founded by the community, for the community—to educate, inform, and entertain. The intelligent programming we offer and the services we provide improve the quality of life in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania. Our goal at WSKG is to increase services to our community year after year. In 2016 we premiered a new local history documentary, Harvest; increased our investment in local news coverage with a new reporter; refocused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education; helped more students on the path to graduation with the American Graduate project; and introduced the Catskills to great new programming on WIOX.

Annual Report + Local Content and Service Report to the Community 2015

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When we reflect on the achievements presented in the following pages, it’s clear that WSKG’s story begins with you. You deserve the best programming possible. Programming that isn’t driven by commercial interests. Programming that celebrates the diversity and creativity of our unique communities and makes you proud to support your local public media station, WSKG. Together, we’ve accomplished so much this past year.

Annual Report + Local Content and Service Report to the Community 2014

Thanks to the hard work and contributions of countless volunteers, members, and community partners, 2014 was a memorable year at WSKG. With consideration of input from our community and the changing landscape of communication and media, we made a few changes to the way WSKG operates and delivers content to our listeners and viewers. The year 2014 marked a year of reorganizing with a focus on four areas of public interest – history, arts, news and youth. Our goal was to connect our listeners and viewers to national and local items of interest through both traditional and emerging digital delivery systems and, by doing so, make a positive impact on the community and your quality of life. Thanks to your support, WSKG was also able to increase its service in new communities.

Annual Report 2013

Thank you! You’ve made a difference. Your support and generosity made it possible for us to impact the lives of many children and families that reside in the communities we serve. This past year your financial support and enthusiasm for our mission helped children foster a love of reading and storytelling, inspired youth to be curious about the fascinating world of science, and encouraged teens to think about the benefits of graduating high school. We continued our successful Let’s Polka!

Annual Report 2012

As we look forward to a new fiscal year at WSKG, we wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you who support WSKG and make us a part of your daily lives. Without you, the past year’s successes would not have been possible – and there were many! I’d like to touch on a few of those. WSKG produced 25 new television programs – all locally-produced content. These included twelve new episodes of Expressions, six new episodes of Let’s Polka!, and three (yes, three!) new historical documentaries, Watson, Johnson and Agnes: The Flood of ’72.

Annual Report 2011

As we wrap up the fiscal year, we want to share with you some of the many ways your generous support has made a difference, both here at WSKG and throughout our community. Thanks to you, and others like you, WSKG received over $1.5M in membership donations and ended the year with over 11,000 members. Not only is that a 2% increase from the previous year, it is also the first increase in our membership since 2005. So thank you to all of those who decided to renew your membership to WSKG and to those who are our newest members. It is these donations that enable us to serve our community by producing local content.

Annual Report 2007

Welcome to our mini-Annual Report. The goal of this report is to highlight the 2007 fiscal year’s accomplishments and preview our plans for this year. Providing an Annual Report is just our first step in an effort to better inform you of the activities that you make possible at your local public broadcasting station. We hope you find the report informative. But before you review the report, we’d like to thank you for supporting WSKG.