Everhart Minis Art Kit & Virtual Open Studio Grades: Kindergarten- 4th

Everhart Minis is a great introduction to the art-making process. Students grades k-4th will explore the art of printmaking during a 7-week session. All materials are included in the class fee and each student will be provided with their very own art kit of individual supplies. The Minis Kit includes:

All art supplies necessary to complete the 7-week program
Art demonstration cards for kids
Prints of Museum Artworks
Codes to the (optional) open studio virtual classroom where students will have guided discussions and interactive activities with museum educators
Links to pre-recorded demonstrations of different art techniques
Pick-up dates for kits will be scheduled between February 8th to February 12th for session 1 and April 5th-9th for session 2. Kits are unique to the Everhart Museum and can be shipped outside of Lackawanna County.

Kids Crafts for a Festive Fourth of July

Celebrating a holiday is always more fun with festive decorations and fun props! Check out this Crafts for Kids collection from PBS KIDS to help you celebrate the Fourth of July. You’ll find popsicle stick American Flags, Patriotic Stamped Cards, Party Poppers, and more. Bonus points: You already have these supplies at home. Just have to dig out that glue stick!

The Binghamton Aeros Create Art that Flies

Binghamton Aeros present their annual Fun Fly. Vintage airplanes are meticulously recreated in miniature and engineered to fly as their full-scale forbears would have.  We hear from Ed Pettengill about building and flying these model airplanes. http://wskg.org/audio/aerosmix.mp3


Photo credit: Binghamton Aeros

An Art Class Turns into an Arts Festival

It began seventeen years ago as a pottery class that moved outside on a sunny day. Now the Athens ArtsFest is a large juried arts and craft festival.  Art teacher, potter, and festival organizer Dave Webster tells about the those beginnings and how the festival has grown. http://wskg.org/audio/athensarts.mp3


Photo credit: Athens ArtsFest

No snow? No problem!

Winter has been anything but “white” so far this year and some little ones (and big ones!) are disappointed in the lack of snow. Take some time today to create your own snow-themed fun!  
This multi-sensory writing activity from PBS Parents gets kids writing in the “snow” no matter the weather! In this activity, kids engage both their sense of touch (dragging their fingers through the salt) and sight (revealing color) to practice writing their letters. For older children, try writing math facts in the snow.

Susquehanna County presents its Art Trail

The Susquehanna County Artists Tour takes place this weekend with 23 venues presenting a wide variety of arts and crafts.  We hear from photographer Leslie van Zandbergen and Andrew Gardner, who works in both willow woodworking and ceramics. http://wskg.org/audio/artiststour.mp3


Photo courtesy Andrew Gardner

Colorscape Chenango returns to Norwich

The Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival returns to Norwich with crafts of all kinds, and lots of live music.  Among the groups are favorites the Slambovians and Salsa Libre. http://wskg.org/audio/colorscape15mix.mp3


Photo courtesy Colorscape Chenango