Know Theatre Presents 'Of the Fields, Lately'

Know Theatre of Binghamton is presenting David French’s play ‘Of the Fields, Lately’. David French is held in the same esteem in Canada as Tennessee Williams is in the United States.  His cycle of plays about the Mercer family is presented with great regularity there.  Tim Gleason talks about his role in the play. We also get him to reluctantly tell about a recent award he received.


Photo credit: Know Theatre

The Generation Gap and the Challenges on Both Sides are Explored in a Drama at Know Theatre

After a traffic violation, a judge renders a decision, but which party is being punished: the young driver with lots to do in his demanding career, or the widower who has next to nothing to do?  Know Theatre Actors Bernie Sheredy and Josh Sedelmeyer, along with director Tim Gleason, talk about Jeff Baron’s ‘Visiting Mr. Green’. It’s a play with themes so universal that it has been performed in many languages in over 40 nations.  


Photo credit: THE Holy Hand Grenade via Flickr

Southern Tier Actors Read perform Chekov's "Uncle Vanya"

Director Bernie Sheredy speaks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about directing Anton Chekov’s Uncle Vanya. Sheredy has found a translation of this classic play that he feels captures the spirit of the original. “Vanya is one of the most — I think — fully realized of his comedic masterpieces. It’s certainly my favorite. And to have a chance to work on it, even in just a reading, though as a reading it’s incredibly challenging, because Vanya’s a stretch for any actor.”

Chenango River Theatre presents the comedy "Heroes"

Actors Bernie Sheredy, Bill Gorman, and Jim Wicker speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the comedy Heroes, which opens on August 22nd at the Chenango River Theatre.  The play is  Tom Stoppard’s translation of the French play Le Vent Des Peupliers by Gérald Sibleyras.


Photograph Dan McKay via Flickr