Celebrating the Birthday of a Famous Horse

The Exterminator Extravaganza celebrates the famous racehorse Exterminator, at one time Binghamton’s most famous resident.  Bill Gorman joins us to talk about the First Friday event at Cooperative Gallery 213, and the Sunday, June 3 event at Temple Concord/Kilmer Mansion featuring music and a theatrical reading of ‘Old Bones the Wonder Horse’ by Southern Tier Actors Read. For reservations at the Sunday event, call 607/723-4620.

TCO Presents 'Hydrogen Jukebox'

Tri-Cities Opera presents an opera unique in its genesis and format. In ‘Hydrogen Jukebox’ poet Allen Ginsberg and composer Philip Glass collaborated on settings of some of Ginsberg’s most powerful poetry. Stage director Alison Moritz has given the songs shape by adding actor Bill Gorman in the last days of Ginsberg’s life. Maestro Braden Toan leads a chamber orchestra and singers Stacey Geyer, Abigail Smith, Mary Beth Nelson, Jordan Schreiner, Scott Purcell, and Jake Stamatis. http://wskg.org/audio/hydrogen.mp3


Photo credit: Randy Cummings via Tri-Cities Opera

A Son's Play Recollects his Father's Life through Letters

Dalton Trumbo was a well-known screenwriter, but he was called in to testify in the Red Scare and name names of other screenwriters who had been members of the Communist Party.  He was found in contempt of Congress and was blacklisted, but managed to not only continue his craft, but excel in it.  Bill Gorman and Chris Nickerson star in ‘Trumbo: Red, White, and Blacklisted’, a play based on Trumbo’s letters produced by Southern Tier Actors Read. For tickets, 607/729-1959. http://wskg.org/audio/redwhitemix.mp3


Photo credit: Kate Murray; Studio 271.

Chenango River Theatre presents the comedy "Heroes"

Actors Bernie Sheredy, Bill Gorman, and Jim Wicker speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the comedy Heroes, which opens on August 22nd at the Chenango River Theatre.  The play is  Tom Stoppard’s translation of the French play Le Vent Des Peupliers by Gérald Sibleyras. http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/wskg/local-wskg-1035690.mp3


Photograph Dan McKay via Flickr