Binghamton High School | Arts & Culture Stories

Teens reflect on the role arts & culture play in daily life

It’s common knowledge that music is important to teenagers, but why is that so? Thirty-six drama students at BHS shine a light on why music, and other forms of art, are a must-have in teenage life! The audio features produced by students explore art from an angle that is important to them: From photography to music, culinary to dance, psychological impact, history, and more! Students wrote an audio script, learned voice techniques for best recording, used field recording equipment to capture interviews, and explored editing software as part of WSKG’s youth media program. A special field trip to WSKG Studios gave students hands-on experience in journalism during Media Boot Camp.

Binghamton High School | December 2012

Students host community event to encourage classmates to graduate
Are YOU in? Binghamton students challenged their peers to get focused on graduating. Students organized a community resource fair to help classmates and their parents get to know the supports available to them, both in the school and around the community. Students and families met with representatives from the Guidance Department, Upward Bound, The Haven, US Military, College Connections, The Urban League, Sister to Sister, and more. Culinary Arts students cooked and served delicious food (for free!) and Student Government Officers moderated a Q&A panel featuring formerly at-risk students who overcame struggles and challenges to achieve graduation.

Binghamton High School | January 2015

Students explore how graduation is perceived at BHS
Do you know how many students drop out of high school every year? Tenth grade students in Emily Buss’ English class explored dropout rates across the United States and learned about graduation rates in their own school. Many were shocked to learn that 3 out of every 10 students would not make it far enough to walk across the stage on graduation day! Students created audio pieces featuring their personal reflections on topics such as who or what motives them to come to school, how graduation is perceived in their school, or why they feel a high school diploma will help their future. As participants in WSKG’s youth media program, each student wrote an audio script, learned voice techniques for best recording, explored photography and graphic design, and experienced the powerful reach of sharing your voice on social media.