How PA’s Congressional Delegation Responded To Charlottesville

HARRISBURG (WSKG) – In the days following violent clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, lawmakers across the country have been steadily releasing statements staking out their positions on the events that left one woman dead.  After changing the tenor of his response three times in the days following the tragedy, President Donald Trump has settled on emphatically condemning violent actions on “both sides.” He assigned blame not only to white supremacists (who carried Nazi flags and chanted “Jews will not replace us”) and white nationalists (whose stated mission was to protest the removal of Confederate monuments) but also to those who opposed them. Trump’s comments have created a firestorm of controversy, and the statements released by elected representatives have run the gamut from criticizing the president outright, to muted responses. Some are offering unequivocal condemnation of white supremacy, and only white supremacy. But others, in line with Trump, are criticizing the violence of racist demonstrators and counter-protesters equally, or denouncing violence and hate in a general way.