Noel Coward's 'Blithe Spirit' at Chenango River Theatre

Greene’s Chenango River Theatre presents Noel Coward’s timeless comedy ‘Blithe Spirit’ August 18 through September 10, with a talk-back after the August 25 performance. “To research a new book he’s writing, Charles invites the eccentric medium and clairvoyant, Madame Arcati, to his house to conduct a séance.  The disbelieving Charles is shocked when the séance unleashes the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent temptress Elvira.  Both worldly and unworldly personalities clash in one of the most refreshing “menages a trois” in modern theatre as Charles’ current wife Ruth battles Elvira for her husband’s attention. ”

Jennifer Terrell, playing Ruth, and Eliza Shea, playing Elvira, join us to talk about this hilarious play.  And we were pleased to say hello to Eliza’s parents who were listening in London.

Chenango River Theatre Presents 'Almost Heaven'

Chenango River Theatre presents ‘Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver’ through July 30. Cast members and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Malone and Chris Blisset, who is also the director, tell us about show. The show is much more than a concert of songs, just a Bob Denver was much more than a songwriter, but also an environmental activist.


Photo credit: Chenango River Theatre

A Musician Caught Between Art and Politics is Forced to Explain his Actions

Chenango River Theatre is presenting Ronald Harwood’s play ‘Taking Sides’. Wilhelm Furtwängler was the best conductor of his time.  Unfortunately that time included Nazi Germany and World War II.  He remained in Germany, an ardent opponent of the Nazis, insulated by his great fame, and useful as a propaganda tool.  Yet, after the war, his actions were judged suspect. ‘Taking Sides’ explores the interrogations he experienced. Actor James Wetzel talks about playing the American Major charged with forcing Furtwängler to admit that he willingly collaborated with the Nazis.


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A Chic Suburban Kitchen is the Setting for Bad Behavior

Chenango River Theatre is presenting Michelle Lowe’s dark, yet relentlessly funny play, ‘The Smell of the Kill’. “The story revolves around housewives Nicky, Molly, and Debra, marginal friends who have tolerated one another during once-a-month dinners for years. Nicky is married to an embezzler and is ready to kill for money.  Molly is married to a stalker and is ready to kill for more sex. Debra is married to an adulterer and is just ready to kill. While their unseen spouses practice putting in the dining room, the women exchange confidences for the first time, revealing chinks in all three marriages.  When a completely unlikely opportunity  presents itself, and gives each of them an opportunity to escape their marriages, one by one the women make their choices with more than a little help from one another.”

An Off-beat New Play Ponders Whether We Ever Really Leave Our Home Towns

Chenango River Theatre presents the off-beat and touching comedy ‘Last Gas’.  The title comes from the location, the last gas station in Maine before the Canadian border. The main character returns to this little town to bury her mother, and reconnect with her past.  We hear from the actress playing that role and her return to Chenango County, where she grew up.


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Chenango River Theatre Opens its Season with a Warm-Hearted Comedy

Chenango River Theatre is presenting Bruce Graham’s comedy ‘Stella and Lou’.  Three people meet in a bar in South Philadelphia and contemplate the changes in their lives and how to deal with those changes. Brigitt Markusfeld and Dan Mian talk about this heart-warming comedy, and their acting profession.


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Jon Robin Baitz' "Other Desert Cities" comes to Chenango River Theatre

Chenango River Theatre director Bill Lelbach talks about Jon Robin Baitz’ 2011 Broadway play “Other Desert Cities”.  A family with roots in Hollywood who has been drawn into the higher echelons of politics, but their counter-culture children threaten to scandalize that comfortable prominence by revealing a family secret. But even secrets can have hidden meanings.  Many of the cast members are local actors, but playing surprising roles.


Photo courtesy Chenango River Theatre

The Chenango River Theatre presents a new play, "Mr. Hart and Mr. Brown"

Actor Andrew Criss speaks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the new play Mr. Hart and Mr. Brown, being performed by the Chenango River Theatre. Philadelphia playwright Bruce Graham’ s play is based on a real-life historical figure and the the young reporter who discovers more about Hart than he is comfortable knowing.

Photograph courtesy Chenango River Theatre

Chenango River Theatre presents the comedy "Heroes"

Actors Bernie Sheredy, Bill Gorman, and Jim Wicker speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the comedy Heroes, which opens on August 22nd at the Chenango River Theatre.  The play is  Tom Stoppard’s translation of the French play Le Vent Des Peupliers by Gérald Sibleyras.


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"Unnecessary Farce" opens the Chenango River Theatre season

Cast members of Paul Slade Smith’s Unnecessary Farce opens the season at Chenango River Theatre.  Cast members Hayley Zale, Brendan Cullen, and Katie Lamark speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about this play which has been described as “Law and Order if the Marx Brothers took over”.  Two cops, three crooks, eight doors.  GO!


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