Binghamton's Porchfest Continues to Grow

This year’s Binghamton Porchfest has expanded to one hundred and ten musical groups on forty porches around Binghamton’s West Side on Sunday, August 27 from noon to seven.  Organizer Chris Bodnarczuk takes time out from his preparations to talk about the Porchfest phenomenon that started in Ithaca and has spread across the nation.


Photo credit: Patti Schwartz for Binghamton Porchfest

Hundreds of Singers Gather on Binghamton's Riverwalk

SingBing invites singers for a mass chorus to sing ‘All You Need is Love’ at the Peacemakers Stage on the Riverwalk in Downtown Binghamton on First Friday before the sun goes down and the LUMA Projection Arts Festival begins.  Organizers Marie McKenna and Gregory Keeler talk about getting as many singers as possible to celebrate September’s First Friday. Soloists Devinne Meyers and Ayana Del Valle will lead the chorus, along with band members Armand Olevano, trumpet; Al Miele, drums; Bob Rynone, guitar; Andy Gorman, bass; Burt Mueller, keyboard, and Mo Reese Taylor, trombone.


Photo credit: Big Drew Graphics via SingBing

Binghamton's PorchFest is in its Second Year

The PorchFest phenomenon started in Ithaca and has spread across the nation.  The Binghamton Porchfest is celebrated this weekend around the West Side of Binghamton.  The number of bands and porches has grown since its inaugural festival last year.  It’s free, and audiences are invited to stroll around the neighborhood to listen to music from noon until 7pm.  Booklets with a map and schedule are available to guide listeners to the 26 porches and at least 89 bands. Organizer Chris Bodnarczuk gives us more details.


Photo credit: Patti Schwartz