Tenney Responds (Then Doesn’t) To Trump’s “Both Sides” Comment

Republican Representative Claudia Tenney visited Binghamton Wednesday, but refused to talk to reporters about President Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. Early Wednesday, Tenney did talk about the attacks in a phone call to WUTQ in Utica. “I condemned it immediately and I was criticized for not condemning it hard enough. But I think what the president is trying to say is, ‘there’s fault to be found on both sides.’ And I think that there is fault to be found on both sides.


This Reporter Looked Into Claims Of “Paid Protesters.” Here’s What He Found.

Several Republican members of Congress from around the country have lamented over “paid protesters” at town halls over the last month. Binghamton area Congresswoman Claudia Tenney cited “paid protestors” as a reason not to hold a town hall meeting. John Roby is an investigative reporter with the Press and Sun Bulletin. He and his colleagues set out to find examples of paid protestors across the state. He joined WSKG’s Gabe Altieri to talk about it.