The Roberson Museum and Science Center Welcomes Robercon

Robercon, the annual science fiction convention at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 30 and October 1. Five years ago the first convention was such an overwhelming hit that it had to be expanded to two days, with table-top gaming moved to the Binghamton High School.  Organizer Chris Kocher talks about the discussion groups and the special guests, and some of the events that he is especially excited about.


Photo credit: Chris Kocher for Robercon


Fat Cat Comics Turns 40

Twenty years ago, Lin and Brian Sean Perry took their wedding photo in front of their family’s comic book store in Johnson City. Both the Perrys and the store marked their anniversaries last week. In a celebration at the store on Saturday, the Perrys showed off the photo. In it, the whole wedding party is in dresses and tuxedos, posed below bold print that reads Fat Cat Comics. “We’ve been married half as long as the store’s been around,” Sean said (Perry goes by his middle name). On Saturday, he came to the store to celebrate the it’s 40th anniversary.