Reformers Plan Next Steps After “Con-Con” Fails

Supporters of holding a Constitutional Convention to fix problems in state government say they are disappointed with the resounding defeat of the measure in Tuesday’s voting, but they say they are not giving up. The League of Women Voters’ Jennifer Wilson says while a constitutional convention could have provided a great opportunity to repair flaws in state government, there are other ways, including the normal legislative process. She says both houses were opposed to the convention, saying there are better ways to improve government. She says now lawmakers have the chance to prove that they were right and can achieve changes.   “Now do it,” said Wilson. “Stop saying that you can do it and that want to do it, and actually get some things done.” Both legislative leaders opposed the convention, saying they feared it would be taken over by special interests from outside New York.


Here Are The 3 Propositions To Vote On In New York On Tuesday

Polls are open 6:00AM – 9:00PM. There are three propositions on the ballot: Prop. 1 – The Constitutional Convention: Every 20 years, New Yorkers have the chance to vote whether to hold a constitutional convention.Supporters say it’s an opportunity to reform unethical practices in Albany that have led to both former legislative leaders facing corruption charges. Nine former associates of Governor Cuomo have also been charged with crimes including bribery and bid-rigging. Opponents – including the state’s major unions, environmentalists, gun rights groups and the Conservative Party – say the New York’s constitution includes many rights.


Poll Shows Constitutional Convention Sinking

ALBANY (WSKG) – A new poll finds that the ballot question on whether to hold a constitutional convention in New York has become widely unpopular with voters.  The Siena College poll finds likely voters in the Nov. 7 elections are leaning against Proposition One “by a better than two-to-one margin,” said Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg. The numbers are a change from earlier in the year, when a poll showed the majority of voters said they were in favor of holding a constitutional convention, despite the fact that they had not heard much about it. And the negativity about the proposed convention is widespread. Fifty-six percent of voters who identify as liberals and 60 percent of New Yorkers who say they are conservative are against the idea.


Debunking Some Social Media Myths About New York’s November Ballot

ALBANY (WSKG) – There’s some misinformation on social media regarding a key ballot item in next month’s elections on whether to hold a Constitutional Convention. New Yorkers have a choice of voting yes or no on three proposition questions on the November ballot. A posting that has gone viral on social media is spreading some misinformation to voters. It warns against what it says is a “sneaky and underhanded” rule regarding the question on Proposition One- whether New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. “Please be aware”, the post begins, that “if you leave the question blank, it’s an AUTOMATIC YES, so please vote NO”.


Support Fades In New York For Constitutional Convention

ALBANY (WSKG) – A new poll finds waning support for a constitutional convention in New York. The issue is on the ballot in November. The Siena College poll finds that enthusiasm for a constitutional convention has dropped since the summer, with more people now saying they would vote against it, although a plurality still backs the idea. Spokesman Steve Greenberg said 44 percent of registered voters said they’d vote yes, down one percentage point from 45 percent in early September. Thirty-nine percent said they’d vote no, up six points from the 33 percent who were against the proposal a month ago.