ICE Chief Slams New York’s Green Light Law

“As a 25-year law enforcement professional, it is unfathomable that information which could be used to prevent crime or a potential terrorist attack, is purposely being withheld.”

Accuser To Priest: ‘You’re A Murderer Of Souls’

‘The people in Geneva that you come back and visit, do they know the kind of person you really are?’ And for the first time there was silence. Do you know you’re a murderer of souls?’ And there was silence and he dropped the phone, then he hung up.”


Get Out Of Jail Free

NEW YORK (BBC) – On any given day there are around half a million people detained in American jails without being convicted of a crime. One big reason for this is America’s unique system of cash bail.  When bail is set, those who can afford it go free to await their trial. Those who cannot – often the poor, minorities, the mentally ill – either take their chances with commercial bail-bondsmen, or go to jail. Critics say it is a broken system that lets potentially dangerous people go because they have the cash, and detains other who are harmless just because they are poor. James Fletcher visits New York to hear the stories of those caught up in the machinery of American justice.