Explore the Intersection of Science and Sport with Your Family

Are you watching the Summer Olympics with your child? What a great opportunity to explore the intersection of science and sport! These videos from PBS LearningMedia will help you talk to your child about math and science concepts surrounding running, acrobats, gymnastics, and more.  
Measuring Different Lanes on the Track | Cyberchase
Help your child understand the basic principles behind measuring distance. In this video from Cyberchase, Bianca is competing in her first 200 meter race and notices that the starting positions in the six lanes are located at different points along the track.

Tallies, Charts, and Tape Diagrams in Summer Learning

Gathering data and figuring out what you know are important steps in solving a problem. But, how you organize all that information is just as important! We’ve gathered some simple, helpful resources to practice this skill with your child at home. What type of data would your child enjoy collecting? Perhaps he looks at shoes while at the grocery store and tallies how many people wear green, blue, or black shoes.

Celebrate the Outdoors with 'Cyberchase' Activities

WSKG celebrates the environment with Cyberchase!  Our Cyberchase pick of the week is this online collection of nature-themed activities that are low-cost/no-cost and easy to replicate at home or in the classroom. Topics include wind power, temperature, recycling, fog, ecosystems, and more.  Cyberchase airs on WSKG TV Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturday & Sunday at 10:30am.  Tune in to support math and environmental lessons.

Seed to Table Lessons with 'Cyberchase'

WSKG is proud to air Cyberchase and we love learning about math and the environment!  Our Cyberchase pick of the week is the episode ‘A Seedy Business’ and you can watch it here:

Episode Description
The citizens of Factoria are back to work, but the benefactor of their factory is Hacker, and he serves the employees unhealthy meals from vending machines. To get the Factorians out of Hacker’s clutches, the CyberSquad must show them how to grow their own food. For Real segment: Harry and Bianca volunteer at a farm that raises organic livestock and grows healthy foods. They learn about proper gardening, and the benefits of eating seed-to-table.

'Cyberchase' Episode is a Lesson in Math and the Environment

WSKG loves learning about math and the environment with Cyberchase!  Our Cyberchase pick of the week is the episode ‘Bottled Up’ and you can watch it here:

Episode Description
Radsters are an active bunch, but they have a big problem: water bottles. Way Cool Arena has been turned into a bottle dump, and the beloved skate park is next! The kids and Slider must find a way to get rid of the heaps of empties and reduce future waste while making sure Radsters stay healthy. For Real segment: While visiting his friend at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Harry learns about sustainability, like recycling fabrics in clothes to reducing plastic waste by using reusable water bottles.

CYBERCHASE wins Parents' Choice award

We’ve got an award winner in our schedule! Cyberchase has won a 2016 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor for Television! The judges say “Cyberchase does an excellent job of keeping math a gender neutral skill by creating a diverse galaxy of characters while presenting real world (or in this case, other world-as it takes place all over the galaxy)
applications for math, especially in the updated new season… The show does a great job of creating obstacles that must be overcome through problem solving skills and teamwork such as successful farm-to-table planning, reducing waste and staying physically active.” Congratulations, CYBERCHASE!

Artistic CYBERCHASE fans!

Thank you to the talented Cyberchase fans from Binghamton, NY for sharing these creations with us!  

We’re glad you liked learning about recycling, reusing, reducing, and recycling. Our planet will be a healthier place to live because you are taking care of your environment. Keep up the great work! Do you have a CYBERCHASE fan in your life?

Cyberchase: Step It Up!

The 10th season of Cyberchase is here and it’s all about math and health! Have you seen the new educator resources available? Research has linked physical activity levels in children with physical and emotional health benefits, as well as academic benefits like improved cognitive performance and on-task behavior. Cyberchase: Step It Up! aims to inspire kids and educators to find small opportunities to work more steps into their regular day while enjoying the opportunity to learn related math. Over the course of five weeks, kids will add up to 400 more steps per day – for a total of more than 5,000 added steps.