Alzheimer's : Every Minute Counts

Alzheimer’s : Every Minute Counts airs on WSKG-TV January 25, 2017 at 10pm

Many know the unique tragedy of this disease, but few know that Alzheimer’s is one of the most critical public health crises facing America. This powerful documentary illuminates the social and economic consequences for the country unless a medical breakthrough is discovered for this currently incurable disease. There are now over five million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the growing number of aging baby boomers, and the fact that the onset of Alzheimer’s is primarily age-related, the number of Americans with Alzheimer’s is projected to rise by 55% by 2030, and by 2050 the Alzheimer’s Association estimates the total number could explode to nearly 14 million. This “tsunami” of Alzheimer’s will not only be a profound human tragedy, but an overwhelming economic one as well.

Can Science Resurrect The American Chestnut?

by Ellen Abbott

(WRVO) Genetically modified food is something that’s discussed a lot. But scientists in Syracuse are trying to take that technology one step further, and create the first genetically modified wild forest tree. And with that, rest hopes that the American chestnut tree could make a comeback with a scientific nudge. Chestnut trees once dominated swaths of the Eastern seaboard. That was more than a century ago, before an Asian fungus decimated a population known for delivering chestnuts to holiday revelers, and wood that doesn’t rot to builders.

Spillover – Zika, Ebola & Beyond

PREDICT partners feed macaque monkeys on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh to gather samples of feces. photo: Courtesy of Tangled Bank Studios, LLC

Spillover- Zika, Ebola & Beyond airs on WSKG TV August 3, 2016 at 10pm. Investigate the rise of spillover viruses like Zika, Ebola and Nipah that can make the leap from animals to humans. Find out how human behaviors spread diseases and what science can do to anticipate and prevent epidemics around the world. Throughout the last few decades, diseases that spill over from animals to humans have been on the rise.