PA-12 Candidates Diverge On Trump Visit

The candidates for a special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district have different reactions to President Trump’s visit next week.


Trump Pitches His Tax Plan To PA Truckers

MIDDLETOWN, PA (WSKG) — President Donald Trump took to the midstate to pitch his tax plan to a cheering crowd of blue-collar workers and conservative Pennsylvania politicians.  He’s selling the proposal as one that would boost the middle class and small businesses — though many opponents say it would be a better deal for the rich.  The theme of the night was trucking. And speaking in front of several carefully-arranged semi-trucks on the Harrisburg International Airport tarmac, Trump made it clear he supports the industry –calling the hundreds of truckers in attendance “heroes.” “Nothing gets done in America without the hardworking men and women of the trucking industry,” he said. “Do we agree with that?” he asked the cheering audience.


Poll Finds Clinton Ahead with Key Voters

A new poll finds that Bernie Sanders has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton in the New York Presidential primary race, but Clinton leads in key voting regions. The Siena college poll finds that 52% of Democrats would vote for Hillary Clinton, and 42% for Bernie Sanders. Clinton is ahead in voter rich New York City and surrounding suburbs. The two are even in upstate, but that represents just around one quarter of total Democratic voters. Siena’s Steve Greenberg says there’s also an age divide between the two candidates’ supporters. Clinton is ahead with older voters, while Sanders leads with younger voters.


Reed: Trump Wrong, But Better Than A Democrat

U.S. Representative Tom Reed of Corning has joined the throngs of Republicans rejecting Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims.

Trump declared yesterday that Muslims should be barred from entering the U.S. Reed says that violates Republican party values. However, Reed also says he’d support Trump if he won the presidential nomination. “Obviously if I have to choose between our Republican nominee and a continuation of the Obama policies going forward, I would clearly have to err on the side of the Republican nominee,” Reed explained. Reed added that he thinks Republican policies would be better for the country. He does say it’s unlikely Trump will make it that far and has endorsed former Florida governor Jeb Bush for the nomination.