Vape Shop Owner Responds To Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

“I had this lady that comes in that’s probably 72, 73 years old. She’s tried everything on the market multiple times. She says that she hasn’t had a single day without a cigarette until she found vaping.”


Clean Indoor Air Act Closes “Dangerous Loophole”, says Cuomo

ALBANY (WSKG) – New Yorkers who use e-cigarettes will have to comply with the same limits on smoking in public that apply to regular cigarettes, now that Governor Cuomo has signed a bill into law. But anti- smoking advocates say more needs to be done to combat the rising use of the nicotine product.  Cuomo says the new law closes a “dangerous loophole” in the state’s clean Indoor Air Act, which limits cigarette smoking in public places. Those same restrictions will now apply to smokeless e-cigarettes. They will no longer be permitted in public places including bars, restaurants and work places. E-cigarettes were not widely available when the Clean Indoor Act was first enacted in 2003.