Two Styles of Playing the Violin

The Town of Binghamton Historical Society is presenting a workshop led by violinist/fiddler Ed Pettengill on “How to Play Old Tyme Fiddle”. Ed joins us to demonstrate the difference between the two styles, and to talk about how classical violin playing and fiddle can help each other.  All violinists are welcome.  Students should be able to play at least NYSSMA grade 3 music.  For reservations, call (607) 669-4151.  

Photo credit: Ed Pettengill

The Binghamton Aeros Create Art that Flies

Binghamton Aeros present their annual Fun Fly. Vintage airplanes are meticulously recreated in miniature and engineered to fly as their full-scale forbears would have.  We hear from Ed Pettengill about building and flying these model airplanes.


Photo credit: Binghamton Aeros