Educator Spotlight: Dodie Ainslie

NAME: Dodie Ainslie


TITLE: Technology Integration Specialist

DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE: I support teachers in two districts, Union-Endicott and Binghamton, on integrating technology to enhance student learning. Currently, I’m focusing mostly on grades 6-12. HOW DO YOU DEFINE DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP INCLUDING MEDIA LITERACY?: I feel we need to start talking about citizenship, it isn’t just about digital citizenship, but being a good citizen throughout all your environments and communities. What we do to be productive and responsible citizens we should do in our physical and virtual communities. It’s when we put them in different boxes that we get in trouble because our students then see them as different and therefore can rationalize different behaviors.

Maine-Endwell Teacher Honored by PBS

Join us in offering a big congrats to Rachel Murat of Maine-Endwell Central School District in Endwell, NY, who’s been selected to take part in the 2020 PBS Digital Innovator Program! We’re excited to follow along with Rachel and this group of classroom changemakers as they participate in professional development and opportunities to share strategies, empower peers, and inspire students through innovative use of technology and media. CITY | Endwell, NY

SCHOOL | Maine-Endwell High School

ROLE | High School Teacher, 2020 New York State Teacher of the Year


TWITTER | @MrsMurat

PBS Digital Innovators are leaders in their schools and their communities, and help improve student learning through their thoughtful use of technology and digital media. The PBS Digital Innovator program helps these educators connect with others who are in the same space by providing tools to guide their leadership and growth, and opportunities to share their ideas in meaningful and transformative ways.