Local educators assist PBS KIDS with new early learning programming

Building on its deep commitment to education and, in response to feedback from teachers across the country, PBS KIDS has developed a new digital space specifically designed for early childhood educators and their professional learning needs. WSKG’s Education Director, Jackie Stapleton, was invited to serve on the advisory committee for this national project. Throughout 2020, Stapleton met monthly with PBS Education staff to think through digital engagement strategies that would be most beneficial to the early childhood community. 

Fast forward to fall 2021 when PBS invited WSKG to continue participating in the next phase of this project: beta-testing the newly designed ‘PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning’ platform. WSKG was one of three stations selected for this work which ran from October through December. Ms. Stapleton assembled a small group of local classroom educators who work with PreKindergarten through Grade 2 students.

Educator Spotlight: Marissa McNamara

NAME: Marissa McNamara

Twitter: @MarissaMcNamara

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION: Professional Learning & Innovation Center- a division of Broome-Tioga BOCES 

TITLE: Instructional Technology Specialist

DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE: I work directly with teachers and administrators providing professional learning and coaching around effective practices for leveraging instructional technology within the classroom. 

HOW DO YOU DEFINE MEDIA LITERACY?: Media literacy is the ability to identify and understand various types of media.  To be media literate is to have the ability to critically analyze the media that one consumes, allowing you to discern the message they are sending. 

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY AROUND THIS AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU?: Media literacy is vital for our globally connected world. Students are exposed to so much media, knowing how to critically analyze and use media thoughtfully will help our students to discern what is credible and accurate in a digital world. 

WHAT ARE YOUR GO-TO RESOURCES TO RECOMMEND IF PEOPLE WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MEDIA LITERACY? Here is a nice compilation of resources put together by ISTE 10 Resources to Boost Student Media Literacy. If you’d like some examples and lesson ideas, check out commonsensemedia.org. It’s free for educators to create an account!  

Here are a few accounts to follow on Twitter: @DigCitDoctors @digcitPLN 


Distance Learning Strategies for K-2 Teachers

Registration Open: A Week of Virtual PD for K-2 Teachers


You’re invited to a week of free, virtual learning with PBS KIDS. Hear from teachers across the country as they share successes and lessons learned in the transition to distance learning this past spring. Their stories of how they connected with families, used media and tech to encourage creation, and tackled distance learning in the absence of tech will provide inspiration and foundational tips you can use to prepare for an uncertain year – where some kind of distance learning is likely to be a reality. Join us from August 3 – 6 for four days of online learning and fun with a community of teachers like you! Register Now

Your Week at a Glance

Your week of virtual learning will start and end with LIVE, online learning events with other K-2 teachers. The middle of the week will feature daily, asynchronous challenges emailed each morning that you can do on your own time, to continue your learning and build upon distance learning themes and strategies.

Free PBS LearningMedia Webinar for Teachers

Join us for an educator webinar (preK-12) from PBS LearningMedia on how to integrate digital tools and public media into your classroom. Expand your digital toolkit and discover how PBS LearningMedia and its collection of over 120K standards-aligned resources can be integrated into meaningful learning experiences for your students. This free webinar will be held online on Tuesday, November 28 | 7:00pm – 8:00pm ET. Register Now!

Horseheads Teacher Honored by PBS

Join us in offering a big congrats to Elisabeth Bostwick of Garden Road Elementary School in Horseheads, NY, who’s been selected to take part in the 2017 PBS Digital Innovator Program! We’re excited to follow along with Elisabeth and this group of classroom changemakers as they participate in professional development and opportunities to share strategies, empower peers, and inspire students through innovative use of technology and media. CITY | Horseheads, NY

SCHOOL | Gardner Road Elementary

ROLE | Fourth Grade Teacher, Grade Level Chair, Instructional Support Coach


TWITTER | @ElisaBostwick

PBS Digital Innovators are leaders in their schools and their communities, and help improve student learning through their thoughtful use of technology and digital media. The PBS Digital Innovator program helps these educators connect with others who are in the same space by providing tools to guide their leadership and growth, and opportunities to share their ideas in meaningful and transformative ways. Ms. Bostwick will be attending the PBS Digital Innovator Summit and ISTE 2017 Conference & Expo.

Calling all Classroom Changemakers: Are You a PBS Digital Innovator?

PBS Digital Innovators set the bar for thoughtful tech integration in the classroom. These pre-K-12 educators are not defined by the gadgets they use, but by the unique way they approach education. Their bold and enthusiastic perspective sets them apart as changemakers, and unlocks new worlds for their students. 

What is the PBS Digital Innovator Program? The PBS Digital Innovator program brings together a community of K-12 educators, who are thought-leaders and classroom changemakers, for ongoing professional development and opportunities to share strategies, empower peers and inspire students. Professional Development Opportunity
The PBS Digital Innovator program is a professional development opportunity for highly engaged, changemaker K-12 educators whose innovative use of technology and media create exciting learning experiences for their students.

Teacher Resource Day at Museum of the Earth

Museum of the Earth, located in Trumansburg NY is holding their annual  Teacher Resource Day on October 1st, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Teachers and educators will be treated to free fossils, resources, specimens and publications for use at their schools and in their classrooms.

Guest speakers include Dr. Justin Richardson, Critical Zone Observatory Network Post-Doctoral Fellow and Nancy Coddington, WSKG Public Media Director of Science of Content, Services & Programming. If you are a teacher/educator, sign up today at:


American Graduate Champions | Dropout Prevention Educators

Everyday, classroom teachers have the opportunity to support and motive students to do their best and stay in school. Some local teachers are simply stellar at this. We call them caring, consistent adults and they are our local American Graduate Champions! https://youtu.be/x_5aMe1A3Os

Who’s the champion in your life? Follow the American Graduate movement!