Jedediah Strong Smith

Jedediah Strong Smith was born in what is now Bainbridge New York in 1799. As a young boy he learned to hunt and fish in the forests of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. However, Smith’s family found itself constantly on the move – following the steady flow of setters to the west. It was in the untamed west that Smith would become on of the nations greatest explorers.

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Some sailed across the Atlantic, others rocketed to the moon. Learn more about the lives and journeys of some of history’s greatest explorers with this new collection. PBS LearningMedia is excited to announce the newest collection: PBS World Explorers. We hope this collection helps you to inspire a spirit of curiosity and adventure in your students during the new year. Highlights from World Explorers Collection



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Celebrate National Take A Hike Day!

Celebrate National Take a Hike Day with PBS Kids Plum Landing! You don’t need to be a hiker to get outdoors and explore with your family, and there’s no need to make a special trip to find nature: you’ll find it right out your front door, from the red-tailed hawks patrolling the city to the dandelions poking through cracks in the sidewalk. Step outdoors, look around, ask a few questions, and let your child take the lead! Walk and Talk
Take a stroll and talk about the plants and animals that call your neighborhood home. Where do the squirrels find food?