The Roberson Museum and Science Center Welcomes Robercon

Robercon, the annual science fiction convention at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 30 and October 1. Five years ago the first convention was such an overwhelming hit that it had to be expanded to two days, with table-top gaming moved to the Binghamton High School.  Organizer Chris Kocher talks about the discussion groups and the special guests, and some of the events that he is especially excited about.


Photo credit: Chris Kocher for Robercon

For Your To-Read List: New Books By Fantasy Author Joshua Palmatier

Joshua Palmatier is the author of several fantasy novels, and the co-founder of the small press Zombies Need Brains. He’s also about to have a very busy summer, with several books being released over the next couple of weeks, and another Kickstarter happening in August to fund three new anthologies from his small press. Erenthrall is a city powered by the mystical ley lines that thread through the world.  The ley is used to light the streets, heat homes, and power the transportation throughout the city and to the rest of the world beyond.  Kara is a Wielder, someone who can manipulate the ley and repair the lines when necessary.  Allan is a Dog, part of the brutal guard that keeps the ley under the strict control of the Baron and his Primes.  Both of their lives will be forever changed when a terrorist group called the Kormanley begins to attack the ley lines in an attempt to break the Baron’s stranglehold on the ley and bring them back into their natural alignment. The first book in the series is Shattering the Ley. The second book, Threading the Needle, will be released on July 5.