Want To Eat Green For St. Patrick's Day? Do It The Irish Way — With Seaweed

Sea algae at low tide along the Irish coast. Seaweed was long a part of Irish cuisine. Nutrient-rich, it helped some survive the Great Famine. Irish cooks reviving the practice say it’s not just good for you – it’s a zap of flavor from the sea.   AdventurePicture/Getty Images/iStockphoto

By Deena Prichep, NPR 

Speak of the Emerald Isle, and you picture verdant rolling hillsides.

Yuka Otani

WSKG Arts is proud to partner with the Corning Museum of Glass on a series of arts segments that feature past resident artists of the museum. This short features Yuka Otani, a 2015 resident artist at the museum. You might not look at glass and candy and think they have similar properties, but Yuka Otani does. “Those two materials share many characteristics,” she says. “But what if they are made into a unified object?”

A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Otani has been experimenting with clear materials for quite some time.