Civil War Reenactment | Delhi, NY

On November 30th, 1864, Union and Confederate soldiers clashed at the Battle of Honey Hill in South Carolina. This July the battle was recreated for a group of onlookers at the Delaware County Historical Association in Dehli, NY.

This was the second annual Civil War Reenactment held at the DCHA. In addition to the reenactment of Honey Hill, the weekend event included living history exhibits, a Civil War wedding, kids drills, scavenger hunts, and period photography and film demonstrations. One highlight for visitors was meeting the history horses “Big Red” and “Rebel Yell.”

The Battle of Honey hill was chosen because of the important role the 144th NY infantry regiment played in the battle.

The Frisbee House

The 1797 Frisbee House stands as the cornerstone of the Delaware County Historical Association in Delhi, NY. The grounds surrounding the historical association also include the original barns, a one-room schoolhouse, and the Frisbee family cemetery. Built by Gideon Frisbee (1758-1828), the Frisbee House has served as an inn and tavern, a courthouse, and the meeting place for the first Delaware County board of supervisors meeting in 1797. Over its two hundred year existence, the building has bore witness to many important historical events. However, it has also experienced its fair share of heartbreak.

Delaware County Historical Association

The Delaware County Historical Association collects, preserves and shares the history and traditions of Delaware County and the surrounding region. Buildings located on its historic site in Delhi include a fully restored late 18th century federal-style house, original barns and outbuildings, a gun-shop, one-room schoolhouse, and blacksmith shop.

Within the main building are two exhibit galleries, a research library with a vast collection of genealogical information, and a gift shop. The old Christian Church, also owned by the Historical Association, is located just up the street next to Fitches Covered Bridge. The church also hosts exhibits, concerts and plays.