PA Rally Tries To Prompt Action On Gerrymandering

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Advocates for overhauling the redistricting process packed the Capitol rotunda Tuesday hoping to persuade lawmakers to take their quest seriously. Pennsylvania’s congressional districts are considered among the most unfair in the country.  Anti-gerrymandering group Fair Districts PA thinks lawmakers shouldn’t have sole authority to draw the lines. Instead, they want an independent citizens’ commission to get a say. There are only a couple ways to make that change. One is a lawsuit.


Pennsylvania Sued For Unconstitutional Gerrymandering

HARRISBURG (WSKG) – Mary Elizabeth Lawn is a Democrat living in Pennsylvania’s notoriously sprawling 7th congressional district. It’s a fairly safe district for Republicans, and Lawn is concerned that the way its lines are drawn makes her vote count less.  “My district looks like cartoon characters fighting, and it’s spread out over five counties,” she said, referring to the colloquial nickname for Pennsylvania’s 7th: “Goofy kicking Donald Duck.” The League of Women voters says districts like Lawn’s are the reason it, and several individual plaintiffs, are now filing a lawsuit against Pennsylvania in Commonwealth Court. Specifically, they’re suing over the state’s 2011 congressional map, calling it an “unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.” If the suit is successful, the 2011 map will be thrown out and will have to be redrawn–potentially ahead of the planned 2021 redistricting.


Time Short For PA Lawmakers On Gerrymandering Amendment

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Around the state, advocates and frustrated Pennsylvanians are pushing lawmakers to change the rules governing how district lines are redrawn every ten years. The current process lets politicians the skew districts in their political favor–a process known as gerrymandering. But it’s going to take some serious legislative might to make changes. On Tuesday, a crowd of protesters nearly filled the Capitol’s front steps–many holding up green signs that read “end gerrymandering in PA.” They’re supporting bills in the House and Senate that aim to do just that, by amending the state constitution to make redistricting more impartial.


Advocates Spread The Word About Curtailing Gerrymandering

GETTYSBURG (WSKG) — Every ten years, states redraw their legislative districts based on new census data. And in Pennsylvania, that invariably means both parties trying to leverage the process to get a partisan advantage.  It’s called gerrymandering. And under current state law, it’s entrenched. The next redistricting process begins in 2020. And already, activists are out in force trying make the process fairer.