New York police Sgt. Damon Martin in the 75th Precinct field intelligence office, where the walls are covered with photos of seized illegal guns.

Does New York City Need Gun Control?

New York City has stricter gun laws than most other American cities — and lower rates of gun violence. But legal challenges could force the city to loosen its gun control. Will a rise in crime follow?

How Will New York’s New “Red Flag” Law Work?

New York’s so-called “red flag” law takes effect in about six months. It authorizes teachers, school administrators, and others to petition a court for the removal of guns from individuals who they believe pose a serious threat to themselves or others.

Gun Control Measures Approved In New York

The New York State legislature built on the state’s 2013 gun control laws Tuesday, and are passing measures to extend the waiting period for background checks for some purchasers, and forbidding teachers from bringing guns to school.

Deadline Hits To Recertify Pistol Permits In NY

SYRACUSE (WRVO) – Wednesday is the deadline for New York State pistol permit holders to recertify their permits with state police. State police said they are focused on informing handgun owners about the requirement, which is a provision of the state’s SAFE Act. The deadline applies to those who were issued a pistol permit before January 2013.

Concealed Carry Legislation Concerns People Who Help Victims Of Domestic Abuse

SYRACUSE (WRVO) – The debate over the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act continues on Capitol Hill. It would force states to recognize concealed carry permits obtained in another state, and advocates for victims of are domestic violence are opposed to it. Randi Bregman of Vera House in Syracuse says ultimately this kind of legislation would weaken New York’s gun control laws. For victims of domestic violence that could be deadly. “A lot of domestic violence homicides, including those in our community, happen because of a gun,” Bregman said.

Upcoming Deadline To Recertify Pistol Permits Causes Confusion

WRVO (SYRACUSE) – By the end of next month, New York State residents that were issued pistol permits before January 2013 will have to recertify their permits with state police. The provision, which is part of the state’s 2013 SAFE Act, has caused confusion among local residents. Oswego County Clerk Mike Backus said every day, his office receives calls or people come in and ask about the deadline to recertify pistol permits. “We’ve had a significant amount of people that have called confused about this, unsure of what they need to do,” Backus said. “We’re happy to answer any of those questions that we can and direct folks.

Toughen Gun Control Laws For Domestic Abusers Is “Common Sense”, Says Victim Advocate

ROCHESTER (WXXI) – Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to toughen gun control laws for those convicted of domestic violence crimes is getting praise from a local advocate for abuse victims.

The legislation, the first 2018 priority unveiled by Cuomo, would require the mandatory surrender of firearms by anyone convicted of domestic violence-related charges, including misdemeanors. “It could be threats, pushing and shoving, it could be strangulation,” said Jaime Saunders, the outgoing executive director at Willow Domestic Violence Center. “When someone is involved in a court case, it can be pled down. So it could be a very significant event that gets pled down to a misdemeanor.” Current New York law prohibits the possession of firearms only for individuals convicted of felony offenses.