Trade Unwanted Guns For Groceries

On Saturday morning, people can trade their guns for groceries. Between 9AM and noon, anyone can bring in unwanted, working firearms to Binghamton’s American Civic Association in exchange for a gift certificate.


PA Bill That Allows Armed Teachers Could See Senate Action

HARRISBURG (WSKG) – The state Senate is considering a plan to allow teachers and other school employees with permits to carry guns at work.  Supporters say it’s about keeping kids safe, while opponents are worried the measure would do just the opposite. Senate Bill 383 is sponsored by GOP Senator Donald White of Armstrong County, who said it would give schools more options in protecting students. He added, it could be particularly helpful for rural districts that are far from police stations and might not employ their own security guard. “This is just one more tool to help them–if they see fit–to protect their families,” he said. But the measure has received considerable backlash from gun control and teachers’ groups.