Part Poetry, Part Lamentation, Part Concert

Author, teacher, storyteller and spiritual activist, Stephen Jenkinsen is joining with
Canadian musician and songwriter, Gregory Hoskins and his band for a 35-city North
American Tour of ‘Nights of Grief and Mystery’.  The Ithaca presentation will be on  Thursday, November 1st 7pm-9:30pm at the Hangar Theatre. Juan Lube, one of the people coordinating the even joins us by phone.  

Photo credit: Orphan Wisdom

The Sultans of String Combine Many Musical Threads in their Concerts

Violinist Chris McKhool joins us to talk about his band, the Sultans of String, who will be performing at the Hangar Theatre on May 11.  The band members come from many musical traditions and present a wide range of styles in their concerts. For this concert, they welcome sitarist Anwar Khurshid.  

Photo credit: Sultans of String

Opera Ithaca Presents Rossini's 'Cinderella' in Three Performances

Opera Ithaca is presenting Gioachino Rossini’s version the the Cinderella story for two full-length performances and one performance of a short children’s version. General Director Zachary James and hair and make-up coordinator Dorothy Peterson talk about the history of the original version, staging this effervescent comedy with a large cast, and adding choreography.  They also tell about their visit to a vast costume warehouse to find appropriate clothing for the cast — and finding some costumes specially made for well-known singers.

Hangar Theatre Hosts the Best of All Possible Worlds

Ithaca’s Hangar Theatre hosts the Savoyards Musical Theatre, LTD for their production of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Candide’. ‘Candide’ premiered on Broadway in 1956. It was revised for a production in 1974, and the revisions since then have been too many to enumerate.  It’s a demanding score, written for nearly operatic voices, and it is full of memorable tunes such as ‘Make Our Garden Grow’, ‘I Am Easily Assimilated’, ‘Eldorado’, and, of course, the coloratura tour-de-force ‘Glitter and Be Gay’.  Those familiar with the original satire by Voltaire know that the settings jump around the world and the Savoyards solve this dilemma by placing the action within a nightclub, with the many characters portrayed by employees of the club.


Photo credit: Savoyards Musical Theatre, LTD

Hangar Theatre Presents a Love Story Across Time

Hangar Theatre presents Nick Payne’s ‘Constellations’.  It’s a love story across time, or rather, across different threads of time, between a beekeeper and a quantum physicist. We meet the two actors, Makela Spielman and Robert Ross Parker.


Photo credit: Fulla T via Flickr