Harpursville Parent Lawsuit Fails At Court

A Broome County judge has dismissed a lawsuit Harpursville parents brought against their school. The parents sued their district for violation of open meetings laws and financial irresponsibility earlier this summer. The judge told parents to take their case to the ballot box. He said court isn’t the right forum for their complaints, and he also more or less rejected every one of the claims. On violation of open meetings, he said communities don’t have the right to debate all board decisions. They can observe, not necessarily discuss.


Harpursville Parents Fight For School Transparency

Carrie Lusk spends her free time reading open meeting laws: pages of legalese that say how organizations like school boards are supposed to run their meetings and which parts have to be open to the public. Lusk has two kids and a job. It’s not like she just has time on her hands, but back in January, the Harpursville school district made some big, sudden decisions. The news came home in a letter. “It said, basically, that they were going to be eliminating our [elementary] vice principal’s position, and the [elementary] principal,” Lusk says.