New York Faces Multi-Billion-Dollar Medicaid Gap

“I think everybody would admit it’s a gimmick. You don’t have enough money in your checking account to pay your bills and so you just tell the people who are expecting money, ‘You have to hang on for a few days until my checkbook replenishes.’ ”


When Parents Are On Medicaid, Kids Get Better Healthcare, Too

Kids in low-income families are 29 percent more likely to have regular doctors’ visits when their parents have Medicaid coverage, according to a new study designed by health economist Eric T. Roberts of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Even though the Children’s Health Insurance program provides coverage to kids in low-income families, giving parents health insurance facilitates access to the health care system. “Physicians practicing in large, multi-group practices can see parents and children within the same practice. There are broad, spill-over effects of providing coverage to parents that accrue to children,” said Roberts. When kids have health care they’re more likely to grow into successful adults.


Mercy House Brings New Purpose To Old Church

Cheers came as the ribbon was cut and people filed into the newly opened Mercy House in Endicott. Mercy House now inhabits the old St. Casimir’s Church. It retains some of it’s old features like the stained glass and the heavy timber beams, but now it houses ten rooms for people who are terminally ill to call home. The shelter will provide spiritual care and Lourdes Hospital will make visits provide hospice care.


Lourdes Hospital In Binghamton To Sponsor A Day Of Free Health Services

Lourdes hospital in Binghamton is sponsoring a day of free medical services tomorrow. The idea for this kind of one-day free clinic — called Medical Mission at Home — originated in Tennessee. The idea is to reach people in need who don’t often visit the hospital or care center. Sister Marilyn Perkins heads up Lourdes’ activities to provide services to the disadvantaged. She says there is a need for health care in the community.