Students from Rochester are Rocketing their Experiments Into Space

PBS Newshour reports that students from 21 schools across the U.S. and Canada competed for the chance to have their science experiments sent to the International Space Station. One of the student teams selected, from East High School in Rochester, New York, designed an experiment on the process of photosynthesis. Special correspondent Sasha-Ann Simons from PBS station WXXI reports. JOHN YANG: Students from Rochester, New York’s East High School have been busy this year writing a detailed proposal for a science experiment that is out of this world. As Sasha-Ann Simons from PBS station WXXI reports, the project was chosen to be conducted on the International Space Station.

A Year in Space

A Year in Space airs on WSKG TV March 2, 2016 at 8pm. Follow astronaut Scott Kelly’s record-breaking 12-month mission on the International Space Station, from launch to landing, as NASA charts the effects of long-duration spaceflight by comparing him to his identical twin on Earth, astronaut Mark Kelly. Check out PBS Learning Media resources on living in space.