A New Season for a New Orchestra

The Binghamton Baroque Orchestra begins its second season with a program of music by Vivaldi, Telemann, Gluck, and J.S. Bach.  Conductor and recorder player Jeff Wahl joins us to talk about the program, the soloists, and why trumpet concertos are so short.

The Binghamton Baroque Orchestra Presents its First Concert

The Binghamton Baroque Orchestra presents its first concert on Sunday, August 20 at 6pm in the Jewish Community Center in Vestal, featuring music by Vivaldi, Telemann, and J.S. Bach. Founder and recorder soloist Jeff Wahl joins us with harpsichordist John Isenberg and principal violinist Sophia Warner. http://wskg.org/audio/wahlbaroque.mp3


Photo credit: Binghamton Baroque Orchestra

"There and Back Again" presents early and contemporary music for recorder

Recorder player Jeff Wahl is presenting There and Back Again on Friday, November 20th at 7:00pm in United Presbyterian Church on Chenango St. in downtown Binghamton. Along with tenor Tony Villecco, cellist Hakan Tayga-Hromek, and keyboardist John Isenberg, they present early music for recorder, as well as modern works.  Jeff demonstrates his new recorder, which duplicates the range and power of the modern flute. http://wskg.org/audio/jeffwahl.mp3




Photo courtesy MJ_Peterson via Flickr