Free Workshop for PK-2 Teachers

Learning with Littles: Developing Cultural Awareness
Teachers! We’re excited to invite you to a live discussion with illustrator, animator, writer, director and producer, Joe Murray, who created the new PBS KIDS hit series, Let’s Go Luna. You’ll recognize Joe’s previous work as creator of “Rocko’s Modern Life” and “Camp Lazlo.” Together with on staff anthropologist Erik Messal and cultural advisors from more than a dozen countries, Joe has a developed a fun, sweet, irreverent way for even our littlest learners to travel the world and develop global awareness. Designed by educators, the ‘Learning with Littles’ professional learning series for Pre K-2 educators provides ideas for how to responsibly integrate media into your learning environment. In addition to meeting Joe and other members of the Let’s Go Luna team, you’ll meet other educators, who will share teaching models and strategies to help you build a culturally responsive learning environment.

Free Workshop for PK-2 Teachers

Teachers, join us as we nurture curiosity and critical thinking with our littles! This virtual professional learning experience will provide tips on how to responsibly integrate media in the classroom for your early learners. How do you encourage an eagerness to explore in the classroom? A desire to learn? What are the best methods to keep students engaged and learning in the classroom?

Learn With Bob the Builder: How Much Does It Weigh?

Some objects are heavy and some are light! In this clip from Bob the Builder, Tiny estimates the weight of different objects he lifts with his crane. Watch the clip with your students and then experiment by testing heavy and light items. And don’t forget to share photos or feedback of your students/kids with WSKG using hashtag #WSKGBuddingBuilders! Frame the Viewing: 

Show the students two different objects. Have them predict which one weighs more.

6-year-old Author Pens 'Spoon and Knife Adventure'

Grayden Everson’s story Spoon and Knife Adventure won 1st place for Kindergarten in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.  Grayden is 6 years old and the youngest in his family.  He likes pizza, Uno, Legos, Minecraft, art, math, and Elephant and Piggie books. He took a few minutes to answer a few questions we had about his experience:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? Knife and Spook play together and mysterious Fork steals a toy. How did you come up with the idea for your two main characters, Knife and Spoon?  Where do they live? I came up with the story using my imagination.