Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr. | #tbt

In today’s throwback Thursday photograph, Liberty Hyde Bailey, considered the father of agriculture at Cornell University, sits at his desk. Bailey was born outside South Haven, Michigan on March 15, 1858.  In 1882, he graduated from what is now Michigan State University and went on to work with Asa Grey, one of the most prominent botanist of his day, at Harvard.  After teaching horticulture at Michigan State, Bailey took a job as a professor at Cornell University. While at Cornell, Bailey greatly expanded the agricultural programs and in 1903 he established the State College of Agriculture at Cornell. Bailey served as its first Dean until 1913.

Liberty Hyde Bailey: The Father of Agriculture at Cornell University

By Miranda Materazzo

Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) was a professor of horticulture and botany at Michigan Agricultural College, now Michigan State University, and later at Cornell University. Explore this map, and follow Bailey’s travels while he makes some of the most important contributions to New York State agriculture. Explore the map fullscreen! Photo credit: Wikipedia