'Wonders of Water' explores the power of water on 'Earth's Natural Wonders'

Victoria Falls, Zambia © BBC
Watch Earth’s Natural Wonders: Wonders of Water on November 11 at 8:00 p.m. on WSKG TV. In this episode of Earth’s Natural Wonders, explore wonders created by the awesome and unpredictable power of water. Above Victoria Falls in Zambia, a fisherman and his brothers brave crocodiles, elephants and the risk of being swept to their deaths, in order to reach fishing pools at the edge of the Falls. In Europe’s secret water world of the Camargue, a young man duels with a savage bull in a centuries-old contest of man-versus-nature. And, among the world’s richest ocean reefs, a guardian must hunt down an elusive manta ray among ferocious currents to help save the species.