PA Considers Three Medical Marijuana Changes

PA’s Department of Health will decide this summer whether to approve anxiety and Tourette Syndrome as approved conditions to be treated with medical marijuana.

PA Medical Marijuana Growers And Patients Open To Prosecution Under New Federal Policy

Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016, but to the federal government it’s been illegal for the better part of a century. States pushed back against federal law throughout the years, and in 1996 California passed a proposition allowing medical marijuana use in some cases. That ruling put the state at odds with federal law, though the federal government largely was inactive on the issue. Read full story here. 

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Enters Final Stages of Rollout

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Pennsylvanians have started receiving identification cards to get medication through the commonwealth’s new medical marijuana program. More than 10,000 people have registered, but only about 1,188 have been approved so far. Medical marijuana ID cards started going out to patients in mid-December, with 435 released in the first wave. The Department of Health says more are being issued as we speak. Acting DOH Secretary Rachel Levine said people can actually start getting medication sometime during the next four months–though it’s still unclear exactly when.


After Resistance, PA Health Officials Must Release Medical Marijuana Details

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — For several months, the state Health Department has been refusing to disclose who is on the panels that scored applications for medical marijuana licenses. But now, the Department of Open Records is ordering the agency to release the information.  The Open Records decision comes after protracted back-and-forth between the DOH and PennLive. After releasing permits to grow, process and sell medical marijuana to select applicants, the department wouldn’t name the panelists who had made those decisions. The agency argued that might make panelists vulnerable to threats or bribes. But Erik Arneson, executive director of Open Records, said that reasoning is flawed.


PA Issues First Round Of Permits To Medical Marijuana Growers

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — The director of Pennsylvania’s new medical marijuana program has announced the first round of permit allocations to marijuana growers and processors.  The 12 businesses chosen — including three in the midstate — were ranked against the state’s scoring rubric, which includes diversity plans, business history, and community impact, among other things. The newly-licensed companies now have six months to become operational. The permitting process was competitive, with over 450 applications. An avenue is in place for businesses to appeal the state if they think they’ve been wrongly passed over. Program director John Collins said even accounting for appeals and potential lawsuits from the businesses that weren’t chosen, he doesn’t think the program will be thrown off track.


Pennsylvania Releasing Names Of Potential Marijuana Sellers

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — The Department of Health has revealed a few new details on the lengthy rollout of its medical marijuana program. The names of dozens of potential dispensaries have been released, though officials won’t say where exactly they’ll be located.  The deadline to apply for licenses to grow or sell marijuana was March 20th. Health Secretary Karen Murphy said the department received over 500, and has so far reviewed 258. The list of processed applicants is available online, and includes corporate names like “Holistic Pharma” and “Keystone Medicinals,” as well as which of six state regions they’re located in. Asked whether the DOH plans to release addresses where these growers and dispensers could set up shop, Murphy said no–not until they decide which 12 growers and 81 dispensers to license.


With NY Set To Announce Medical Marijuana Picks, Bidder Aims For Johnson City

Winners of New York’s five medical marijuana licenses could emerge any day now. The state Department of Health says it will announce the picks in mid-July. One bidder, Salus Scientific, aims to start growing in Johnson City. If the company wins a license, it will have to get right down to business. Co-founder Michael Falcone says he plans to refurbish a former grocery warehouse in the city to use for cultivation.