New Way For Physicians To Manage A Patient’s Mental Health

There is a new program available to primary care physicians in assisting patients with their mental health care needs. It’s mean to help patients manage their behavioral health, substance abuse and mental illnesses.    

Elmira, NY Students Highlight Mental Illness in Winning Serling Fest Film

Leena Trinh and Kenly Kuhn are student filmmakers from Greater Southern Tier BOCES in Elmira, NY.  Their film ‘Anaya, Part 1′, was recently awarded the ‘Best Abstract/Experimental’ award in the 2016 Rod Serling Film Festival.  They responded to a few interview questions:

What is your film about?  Can you summarize it in a few sentences? Our film was about bringing depression into a real life person, or demon that follows Anaya around and starts to give her problems. At first it is just simply a dark figure and voices she hears, but it becomes much more than that.