American Graduate Day 2017

American Graduate Day returns to WSKG TV on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 2:00pm. American Graduate Day 2017, supported by CPB, is a live, four-hour multi-platform broadcast that focuses on organizations and individuals keeping kids on the path to graduation. The event explores the importance of mentorship through the critical themes of early education, more and better learning, special needs, STEAM, dropout prevention and re-engagement, career readiness, and college completion. WSKG will also highlight the amazing dedication and work being done by local educators, our very own American Graduate Champions.

Viewers can participate in the event by asking questions and sharing ideas before and during the broadcast on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtags #AmGrad and #UpstateGrad.

National Mentoring Month Continues

A mentor is defined as “someone who teaches, gives help and advice to… often a younger person.”  Public media calls them #AmGrad Champions.  See some of the mentors making a difference in the lives of youth across the country when you visit the American Graduate website! WSKG highlights local mentors and champions here:

Share your mentor story with us at @WSKG using the hashtag #UpstateGrad!

National Mentoring Month

In the report from America’s Promise Alliance “Don’t Quit On Me,” a key finding of the report shows: “A relationship with one stable, trusted person or anchor allows young people to access available community assets and leverage internal strengths.” Become a mentor that a young person can trust.  Learn more about National Mentoring Month here!

WSKG wants to hear from students – who or what is a driving force in your life?  Tell us about someone who has mentored you in our Who’s Your Champion?