Polka Brothers, Show Two

WSKG’s locally produced Let’s Polka welcomes back The Polka Brothers. These four “brothers” (actually good friends who first started playing music together in college) from New York City bring their unique brand of polka music to the stage. The live studio audience was enthralled with this group’s charm, high quality musicianship and a very unique setlist that has something for every polka fan. Ranging from classic polka instrumentals to original Polka Brothers compositions to off the wall covers (especially for Star Wars and Mario Brothers fans), this half hour will be sure to get your hands a-clapping! Bill Flynn hosts and conducts an interview with the brothers where they discuss what it is like to play polka music in New York City.

The Polka Brothers, Show One

The fun never stops during this episode of WSKG’s locally produced Let’s Polka hosted by Bill Flynn. The Polka Brothers are a four man band of young polka lovers from New York City, out to spread the joy of polka. They’re a well-oiled polka machine, boasting a fearless repertoire that includes classic polka favorites, pop and rock gone polka, and unforgettable originals. They love hooking the audience in with lively polka covers of songs they already know, rocking it on a traditional polka they may not, and taking it home with a fun original they’ll be singing for the rest of the evening. So grab a beverage, sing along and experience the meaning of the old adage “No one ever leaves a polka party without a smile on their face.”

“The Clarinet Polka”
“Sleepless Polka”
“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
“Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women”
“Jump in the Pond Polka”
“Just Because”
“Heroes of our Past”

LET’S POLKA FACT: The polka is the official state dance of Wisconsin.